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Neato D10 - LaserSmart Nav intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, intelligent mapping, cleaning areas, WiFi connection, 300 minute operating time

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  • Catch allergens, breathe freely. The Neato D10 leads the industry with a true HEPA filter that captures up to 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. The pleated design allows a larger filtering surface without sacrificing vacuum suction.
  • Designed to complete the work. The Neato D10 sucks longer than ever with up to 300 minutes of operating time. Optimize performance and battery life by using energy-saving Eco mode for general suction to high-performance Turbo mode for those areas that need more powerful cleaning.
  • Exclusive Max mode for maximum cleaning. Go beyond Eco and Turbo mode for even deeper cleaning with maximum collection.
  • Large brush and dirt cube. Big difference. The D-shape of Neato allows a brush that is up to 70% larger than round robots and a 0.7-liter dirt container retains more dust and dandruff during a less frequent cleaning session for emptying. Effective on any surface: hardwood, carpet or tile.
  • A boost for bigger jobs. For a little extra power to finish a long cleaning time, there is Quick Boost. Your robot can determine how much energy it needs to finish the job, charge and then reclean directly from where it left off. Neato works smarter so that your floors are cleaned faster
  • used-like new (new filters, brushes etc)