We receive multiple shipments a week from a wide range of suppliers offering different levels of quality. However we reserve the new, open box returns and used-like new for our website and affiliate markets

We spend an exorbitant amount of time testing and ensuring each product we sell is in great working condition. If we miss something please contact us so we can amend the error.

Returning customers will now receive 25% off their second order.
  • Product Information

    We sell new, open box returns and used-like new products. We obtain our products from major big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart among other large retailers and Amazon. Used-like new means the product was previously used but was returned in working condition with no major flaws. However, they may contain very minor defects such as small dents, scratches, smears, minor discoloration, missing manuals and less than perfect looking attachments and filters. The products quality is also listed in the description.

  • First Responders

    We are committed to providing first responders and military with 15% off any purchase (up to $75 dollars in savings). My wife and I are both in the emergency medical field and I have been a firefighter for 10 years. I am also an Army veteran. I appreciate your service to our country, or the community that you service, and I empathize with any of the sacrifices' and hardships that you may have had to endure.

  • Family

    We are family owned and operated business as well as a husband and wife team. We are committed to providing other hard working families with the lowest prices on the name brand vacuums, air purifier, portable A/C’s and many other household items.

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